Blog 2: Party Rules

Blog 2: Party Rules

WE DO NOT ALLOW PROMOTION of other EVENTS and CLASSES at our events and classes unless they have prior permission from us. Those indulging in such activity will be named and shamed publicly and promptly asked to leave and will be banned from our venue(s) and classes as well as LEGAL ACTION will be initiated against such people.

WE DO NOT ALLOW COLLECTION OF DATA BY THE ATTENDEES via social media or contact list through their smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. If we receive complaint of harassment against those who indulge in such activities or the club staff/management or the event organizer witness such illegal acts then he or she will be named and shamed publicly and permanently banned from our events. The same goes for those who are collecting data at our events and classes to promote other parties and classes. LEGAL ACTION will be initiated against such people.

WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR TOWARDS OUR FEMALE ATTENDEES. If we receive complaint of harassment against those who indulge in such activities or if the club staff/management and/or the event organizer or his staff notice such inappropriate behavior, then the police will be called and the harasser handed over to the police and banned from our parties as well as named and shamed on social.

PLEASE BUY MINIMUM 2 DRINKS FROM THE CLUB OR BAR where our social nights are happening as this is what we as a event organizer do for a living and so do the clubs which allow us to host such events for your entertainment. So its downright disrespectful when we notice people coming and enjoying the night and not even buying a drink and on top carry outside drinks and water bottles and surreptitiously drink in the club without buying from the club and thus not supporting our livelihood.

GUYS DON’T DANCE TOO CLOSE TO YOUR DANCE PARTNER. It’s entirely the prerogative of your female partner to decide how close she wants to be with you while dancing. The level of closeness people are willing to take their dancing to depends on the level of trust and connection they have with their dance partner. You cannot expect to grind up against a stranger the very first time you dance with them. Aside from being disrespectful and potentially unwelcome, it can also throw off your partner’s balance. A good rule of thumb is to always respect whatever distance your female partner chooses to keep but the distance should not be so far that the connection is lost and it is difficult to lead or follow!

DON’T BE DISRESPECTFUL OR RUDE and create a scene at the club with any member of the club’s staff. Please remember they are just doing their job and they are human beings too and can have a bad day. Similarly don’t be disrespectful or rude or create a scene with Dance With Style’s staff as they are their to do their job so as to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

DON’T BE DISRESPECTFUL OR RUDE WITH THE DEEJAYS. If you don’t like a particular track playing, then don’t make faces at the Deejay or go complaining to the event organiser or to the Deejay. Take a break from dancing and go buy a drink and relax and most likely the next track will be to your liking and you can go back to dancing. Please understand and appreciate that the Deejay is there for your entertainment and plays music for you for 4-6 hours or more and is standing throughout his set without a break and he is a human being too and can have a bad day once in a while like the rest of us.

Please abide by the rules laid down so that it works for all of us, that is, the host, venue, students and other attendees so as to make it fun for all of us.


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