Join Our Wedding Dance Choreography Classes

Create A Memorable Wedding First Dance That Will Keep Your Guests Talking For a long time!

Whether you have taken Salsa or Bachata dance lessons in the past or have “two-left feet” and have never been to a class before, we can help you create a wedding dance that will help make your wedding day special. Make the most important dance of your life a breathtaking surprise for your friends and family with our twist of Latin flavour, passion and most importantly….fun, light-hearted or passionate and romantic for your very important Big Day through a simple and fun routine.

We can cater to your style and dance level. Dance styles to choose from: Salsa or Bachata or both! The wedding classes can happen at a dance studio or your home or any location of your choice. As part of your Wedding Dance Choreography package your instructor will guide you through your choice of songs, taking into consideration the finer details such as your dance floor size, bride’s style of dress, shoes, nerves etc, to see you dance into your new journey together as husband and wife with hip swinging fun or you could choose your own songs.

How to book our Choreography Classes?

If you like to book our wedding choreography class(s), please send us an email at and let us know.
1) Your time and dates preferences.
2). Interested in Salsa or Bachata lessons or both. We will get back to you with all details regarding wedding dance packages and the pricing within 48 hours!


Each lesson is one hour long. It can be longer depending on client’s requirement. We can come teach you at your apartment or club house or any location of your choosing etc or you can come to learn at our studio in Wanchai. However if the studio where we teach is unavailable and we would need to book another studio for you after consulting with you, then you would need to pay the studio rental in addition to the private lessons.

To and fro taxi/ferry fare will be charged for the instructor to reach your selected venue to teach and back in addition to the course/package fee if the venue is not reachable from the nearest MTR.

Those who avail the personal dance package of 6-8 classes must complete the package in 6 week’s time. Once the date and time of the 6-8 classes are mutually agreed and confirmed, then the participants must stick to those date’s and time’s. There will be no rescheduling or refunds for the missed class or classes.

Those who avail the personal dance package of 9-13 classes or more must complete the package in 8 week’s time. Once the date and time of the 9-13 classes or more are mutually agreed and confirmed, then the participants must stick to those date’s and time’s. There will be no rescheduling or refunds for the missed class or classes.

Lessons or packages are not transferable No extension of the said above period under any circumstances. Lessons can be booked anytime from Mon-Sun depending on a time that suits both yourself and the instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the perfect wedding song? “I would suggest to choose a song which means something to you, something that reminds you of moments together, maybe something you listened to a lot when you met. This way your dance will always be romantic.” Music with distinct beats would definitely be helpful

What do you do if you really can’t dance? “If you can walk then you can dance. You can always sway your body from one side to another and turn the bride a few times. Your wedding dance doesn’t need to be a professional performance taken from Strictly Come Dancing or Dirty Dancing etc, it can be simply standing in a dance hold moving to the music.or to some simple steps”.

How do you overcome the nerves? “Practice, practice, practice… the more you do the less nervous you will be on the day.”

What are your top tips to new dancers? “Try to relax and go with the flow of the music. Steps are never perfect to start with, don’t give up and you will get there.”

What should you bring to rehearsals? “Try rehearsing your wedding dance in the shoes you plan to wear for your wedding – If you don’t want to reveal them before your big day, pick something similar, so you know you can do the moves.” It would also be helpful if the bride wears the dress or something similar she is going to use for the the wedding dance in the final choreography class or two.

When should you start learning? It all depends how elaborate you imagine your wedding dance to be and how adept you are in dancing. If you are after a natural looking piece then a month or two before the big day is enough but if you are after something more spectacular then evan a year in advance is an option.

How many lessons are needed? It all depend on you and your dancing skill. More classes if you are a beginner and less classes if you are an expert dancer.

What do you do if the groom is very reluctant? “We and the bride or his close friends and family try to find out why he is reluctant and make sure we work on the issue which worries him.” He must understand that it takes two to tango:-))

Is it a good idea for the bride to change into a second dress, so it doesn’t get in the way? “We would not suggest to change the dress but I would suggest to make adjustments before the dance which will allow the bride to move easily. Many tailors add buttons under the skirt to pin up the trail or put it up around the wrist, there are many options.” But if she wants to have a different dress for the dance


Full payment must be made at least 2 weeks before the first day of the class 

1). Pay Via Atm Transfer/Bank Transfer To Hang Seng Bank A/C-N0:346-389232-668. If you are doing an online bank transfer or depositing a cheque then please Whatsapp us for the account name!
2). Pay Via PayMe App to +852 63896213
3). Pay Via the App: Hang Seng Easy Pay to 63896213 
4). If you are interested to pay via PayPal then let us know and we will provide the email address through which you can make payment to us via (PayPal Charges Will Apply).   Choose the options given above to make PAYMENT and then send the payment RECEIPT to WHATSAPP/SMS to +852 63896213 or EMAIL to with your full name, mobile number(s), preferred day and type of course for confirmation.


50% will be refunded in full if cancellation is 72hrs before the first lesson of the course. Please note, that once the course/package/lesson  commences there will be no refunds whatsoever. Class packages that are cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be billed and are non-refundable.

There are no refunds for individual classes of any packages. In the event you need to reschedule a class if you have booked 8 or more class package, please email us as far in advance as possible preferably a week before. However this rescheduling request will only be entertained twice if possible and is not a guaranteed.

Please note, we will try our best to reschedule within the prescribed time frame, but if it’s not possible due to reasons beyond our control, such as unavailability of the studio and instructor or both, Act of God etc then there wont be any refunds.

If another dance studio needs to be booked for the lessons by us, then full payment for the dance studio rentals would be needed to be made couple of weeks before the commencement of the class/package as dance studios are generally booked out and so advance booking of the studio would be required and so there will be no refunds at all of the studio rentals even if the course/package is cancelled.