August 2020 Bachata 4 Week Classes For Absolute Beginners & Intermediate Level

Course Introduction

Have you always fancied learning how to dance Bachata (a simple, sensuous dance originating from the Dominican Republic). Later a newer style called “Modern/Sensual Style” was developed probably from around 2005 on the “Traditional” style base. The basics are the same as the traditional style “Bachata”, but with added dance elements and styling from “Salsa”, “Tango”, “Zouk-Lambada”, “Ballroom” etc. We will teach you a mix of both traditional as well as modern/Sensual style so as to prepare you to lead and follow any Bachata style. This bachata dance class is essential for becoming a well rounded Latin dancer, and to get you ready to step onto any Salsa Club Night with ease, knowing you’re ready to get close and sexy when the beautiful Bachata music comes on. PLEASE WEAR MASK TO OUR CLASSES! Hand Sanitisers will be provided or you could wash your hands with soap in the dance studio bathroom.

Course levels

Absolute Beginner Level: You will learn essential Bachata steps, in a relaxed and fun environment. No Prior dancing experience is required. Students start with a warm-up that teaches the basic steps and simple turns. It’s definitely all about hips and attitude! If you are not confident to move up to the next level after completing this level then feel free to talk to your instructor as we are well aware that some people are able to progress more quickly, and some like to take longer in order to perfect their basics and there is no shame in repeating this level couple of times as it will definitely make you a better dancer in the long run. Lots of our students repeat this level few times before moving on to the next level.

Course levels

Intermediate Level: This is the level for you if you are comfortable leading/following the moves. To enrol at this level, the participant must have attended our Bachata Absolute Beginner level classes or at least completed 2 months course at another school or have been dancing continuously for 2 months at least. Students start with a warm-up that teaches spins, footwork, and hip movement. More intricate steps  and specific turn patterns are the focus in partner-work. Emphasis is placed on how to lead/follow effectively, hip-movement and smooth body movements and transitions, which characterise this dance as the most romantic of the various Latin styles. This is the level where we sincerely request our students to stay for at least 3-4 months or more.

Schedule of Classes

3:00-4:00PM: Bachata Intermediate Level HAND SANITISERS WILL BE PROVIDED
5:00-6:00PM: Absolute Bachata BeginnerYOU CAN ALSO WASH YOUR HANDS IN THE STUDIO

CHOOSE THE COURSES YOU WANT TO TAKE – We welcome all adults, couples, singles and teens to join our classes and we guarantee you loads of fun while learning a new dance form with proper technique! Our classes are open to all age groups starting from the age of 13 and above for our Salsa Classes and Bachata Classes!

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR – Come along wearing anything you feel comfortable in. Office wear is fine too if you are coming straight from work. Smart ‘n’ Casual for men. The sky’s the limit as far choices go for women! As far as shoes are concerned wear anything that is comfortable to you and allows you to move and spin.

Sports shoes/Sneakers are not recommended as they are designed to grip the floor and not conducive for dancing. But if you still want to wear them then it’s upto you. Any shoes which may scratch the dance floor is NOT ALLOWED.

You may also dance barefoot or with your socks only if you want. Flip flops are a NO too! Ladies are encouraged to wear heels/stilletos if they want but please make sure that the heels don’t scratch or damage the dance floor.


a). Pre-pay for 1 Trial Class by 8th Aug: HKD 500/- and bring a friend to join the class for free
b). Pre-pay for a 4 Week Course by 8th Aug: HKD 800/- per person
c). Pre-pay for 2 different 4 Week Courses by 8th Aug: HKD 1600/- per person
d). Pay at the door for a 4 Week Course: HKD 900/- per person
e). Pay at the door for 2 different 4 Week Courses: HKD 1800/- per person
f). Pre-pay or pay at the door for 1 Class: HKD 300 per person

PS: The Pre-pay trial class (a) given above can only be availed once by a participant for a particular class in a month. The participant cannot use the trial class discount (a) above to buy another class of the same course in the same month. The participant can buy two trial classes for two different courses in the same month. Also none of the above given discounts from (b to d) will apply to anyone who has already bought and paid for one class of the 4 week course as a trial class or otherwise and wants to continue for the remaining three classes of a particular course (s). The tickets to the classes are NOT transferrable.


Choose the options given above to make payment and email the payment slip to or Whatsapp +852 63896213 with your full name, mobile number, preferred day and type of course for confirmation.

1) CLICK HERE – To Pay Via PAYPAL (You do not need a PayPal Account to pay via PayPal)
2) Pay Via the App: PayMe to 63896213
3). Pay Via the App: Hang Seng Easy Pay to 63896213
4). Pay Via Bank/ATM Transfer to Hang Seng Bank A/C-N0:346-389232-668 (If making online bank transfer then please whatsapp us for account name). Account name is not required for ATM Transfers. Plus if you do ATM Transfer from HSBC to Hang Seng Bank or vice versa then there is no bank charges:-))

Participants pre-registering via payment in advance for the above classes can avail the discount and will also have their place guaranteed. Hence we encourage interested participants to pre-register via payment.

If one can’t commit to a 4 week course or courses due to his or her busy schedule then no problem at all, please feel free to join our class or classes and pay as you go per class (Walk-in/Drop-in class) and attend the class or classes of his or her choice. However those who are interested to pay per class (Walk-in/Drop-in class) are requested to inform us of their intentions to pay at the door via email to or call/whatsapp/sms to +852 63896213 at least 2-3 hours or earlier before the class commences. However we do highly recommend that you sign up for our 4 week courses!


All our 4 week courses have ONE MONTH VALIDITY which means that if a participant misses a maximum of 2 classes out of the 4 classes offered in a month then the participant would get a maximum of 2 compensatory/make over classes in the next month’s course provided we have new sign ups in the next month’s course. The student(s) must inform us at least 48-72 hours before the class of their intention to miss the class and request for make over classes. Those who don’t inform us will not be entitled to the make over/compensatory class. Please visit our FAQ section for complete details

There will be NO MAKE OVER CLASS(S) if there is no New Sign Ups in the next month’s course. There will be NO MAKE OVER CLASS(S) for those who miss  more than 2 classes of the entire 4 week course/series. Neither will there be any refunds of any kind for individual classes or courses. Classes once purchased is also not transferable to another person. Also once the MAKE UP CLASS is scheduled at the discretion of DANCE WITH STYLE and the student doesn’t attend it then the student loses it and there will not be any further rescheduling of the make up class for that student. There will be no compensatory/make over classes for those who don’t sign up for our 4 week courses. Please visit our FAQ section for complete details

PLEASE NOTE: If there is pandemic or protest or any Act of God or any man – made crisis due to which due to which classes are cancelled then we will try to re-schedule the classes to another day but if that is not possible due to unavailability of the studio etc then there will not be no refunds. However, if we do re-schedule such classes and you are not able to attend then also there will be no further re-scheduling of the class(s) nor will there be any refunds.


CHEUNG HONG MANSION, 1ST FLOOR, FLAT – E,  25-33 JOHNSTON ROAD, WANCHAI, HONG KONG. It is just 5 minutes away from WANCHAI MTR EXIT B2. Exit from Exit B2, turn LEFT and then turn RIGHT and walk straight till you cross a 7/11 and then turn RIGHT and you will see the JAPAN HOME CENTRE. The entrance to the building where the studio is located is beside the JAPAN HOME CENTRE as shown in the picture below. The other landmark near to the dance studio is the JOHNSTON ROAD POST OFFICE located opposite to the CHEUNG HONG MANSION. The studio has changing room facility.


PS: Dance With Style will be clicking pictures and shooting videos of the participants in the classes for promotional purposes!

Chief Instructor: DEEJAY JAVED

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