Please place your curser/arrow on “CLASSES” above on the header to open the sub links by clicking on it! Come and experience the joy, ecstasy and sheer fun of learning to dance Salsa and Bachata every month – the fastest growing dance form in the world which is taking Hong Kong by storm! It’s quick and easy to learn and a great stress buster after a hard day’s work! Salsa and Bachata dancing is a perfect companion for all occasions. Whether your intention is for fun, fitness or networking. It’s very social too and a great way to make new friends. So join us and have loads of fun learning a new dance! Sign up your children too to learn to dance Salsa and give them the opportunity to learn a social skill that will be invaluable to them for the rest of their lives. It will enhance them with self confidence, etiquette, style, grace, rhythm, coordination, posture and poise just to name a few of the many benefits. There is no better way to improve stamina than by having your child learn to dance. HEALTH BENEFITS! *Builds your endurance and stamina. *Helps you lose weight. *Relieves and reduces your stress. *Releases toxins via sweating. *Increases your energy level. *Improves your strength. *Increases your muscle tone and coordination. *Strengthens the bones of your legs and hip. *Medical research has proved that Salsa dancing can burn 420+ calories per hour. *Salsa dancing can burn more calories per hour than biking or swimming. The “Absolute Salsa Beginner’s Course”, covers Salsa basic steps, Turns, Partnering, Leading & Following, Rhythm & Timing and some “Cool Moves”. The “Intermediate Level Salsa Course”, is for those who know the basics of Salsa and want to take the next step. You will learn cool combinations/patterns for social dancing in clubs/parties or any where else you wanna show off your sexy moves to impress one and all. The “Bachata For Beginner’s Course”, offers the participants all the fundamental steps and body movements to get them started. This course will focus on helping you move well to Bachata music, interact with any dance partner, employ basics of Bachata leading and following on the dance floor, and much more.
About Dance With Style

We bring you world class Latin/World music and dance parties and festivals for your listening and dancing pleasure! We excel in providing top quality Salsa & Bachata dance instruction to Adults & Children, Couples and Singles. We also have the expertise in providing services such as event production and management, corporate dance classes and social nights, dance based corporate team building initiative, personal dance classes, wedding dances, entertainers for all occasions and more!

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