We offer private 1ON1 Salsa and/or Bachata lessons. Every individual has their own special needs and that is why we recommend private lessons as private lessons will help you learn at your own pace, and the  level you want, or prepare you for group classes if you don’t feel ready.  The benefits are enormous. The one-on-one lesson are more effective way of learning how to dance. In Private lesson we go through all little details that we cannot attend in a group class. Things such as precise timing, spotting, leading & following and many more as well as cleaning up any bad habits you may have picked up along the way. Reasons why you should take Private 1ON1 Lessons: 1). If you are a beginner then  grounding you in the basics, polishing your technique and increasing your confidence on the dance floor. 2). If you already know a bit then checking your level of dancing and refining previous knowledge if any, to be ready for the next level of group classes 3). To fast track when you feel you could move up a level. 4). If you are already a dancer, in any other style of dance, you should try private first and you might be able to move up to a higher level class. 5). Learning a routine to perform at a private party. ( The pricing of choreography of routine will be different from normal personal lessons) 6). Convenience – A great way to learn for people that cannot take evening classes and/or option for people that work shifts We can be anywhere you want, so wherever you are, we can come to you. Pretty much anywhere with a wooden/hard floor is fine and a cd player for the music. We can also provide private one-on-one class/course as well as private group class/course for kids and teens. If you like to book a private 1ON1 class or private group class, please send us a reply below through our contact form and let us know. 1) Your time and dates preferences. 2). Interested in Salsa or Bachata lessons or both. 3). If you require private 1ON1 class package or private group class 4). If you require private group class, then please let us know how many people will be there in the group and how many classes you want to do. Minimum 5 people required to start a private group class/course. We will get back to you with all details and the pricing within 48 hours! Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions Each lesson is one hour long. It can be longer depending on client’s requirement. We can come teach you at your apartment or club house or any location of your choosing etc or you can come to learn at our studio in Sheung Wan. Lessons at our studio is complimentary and the price is not included in the package. However if the studio where we teach is unavailable and we would need to book another studio for you after consulting with you, then you would need to pay the studio rental in addition to the private lessons. To and fro taxi/ferry fare will be charged for the instructor to reach your selected venue to teach and back in addition to the course/package fee if the venue is not reachable from the nearest MTR. Those who avail the personal dance package of 4 classes must complete the package in 4 week’s time. Once the date and time of the 4 classes are mutually agreed and confirmed, then the participants must stick to those date’s and time’s. There will be no rescheduling or refunds for the missed class or classes. Those who avail the personal dance package of 6 classes must complete the package in 6 week’s time. Once the date and time of the 6 classes are mutually agreed and confirmed, then the participants must stick to those date’s and time’s. There will be no rescheduling or refunds for the missed class or classes. Those who avail the personal dance package of 8-12 classes or more must complete the package in 8 week’s time. Once the date and time of the 4 classes are mutually agreed and confirmed, then the participants must stick to those date’s and time’s. There will be no rescheduling or refunds for the missed class or classes. For those who take less than 4 class packages, they must complete the class(s) they signed up for or else they will forfeit the class and there wont be any refunds either. Lessons or packages are not transferable No extension of the said above period under any circumstances. Lessons can be booked anytime from Mon-Sun depending on a time that suits both yourself and the instructor. Full payment must be made at least 2 weeks before the first day of the class  1). Pay Via Atm Transfer/Bank Transfer To Hang Seng Bank A/C-N0:346-389232-668 2). If you are interested to pay via PayPal using your credit card then let us know and we will provide the email address through which you can make payment to us via PayPal (PayPal Charges Will Apply).   Choose the options given above to make PAYMENT and then send the payment RECEIPT to WHATSAPP/SMS to +852 63896213 or EMAIL to with your full name, mobile number(s), preferred day and type of course for confirmation. 50% will be refunded in full if cancellation is 72hrs before the first lesson of the course. Please note, that this facility is only available to those who book 4 or more class packages. But once the course/package/lesson  commences there will be no refunds whatsoever. There will be no refunds for those who book less than 4 class packages if you cancel or don’t turn up on the appointed time mutually agreed upon. 4 or more class packages that are cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be billed and are non-refundable. There are no refunds for individual classes of any packages. In the event you need to reschedule a class if you have booked 4 or more class package, please email us as far in advance as possible preferably a week before. However this rescheduling request will only be entertained once if possible and is not a guarantee for those who have signed up for 4 to 6 six class packages and twice if possible and is not a guarantee for those who sign up for 8 or more class packages. Please note, we will try our best to reschedule within the prescribed time frame, but if it’s not possible due to reasons beyond our control, such as unavailability of the studio and instructor or both, Act of God etc then there wont be any refunds. If a dance studio needs to be booked for the lessons by us, then full payment for the dance studio rentals would be needed to be made couple of weeks before the commencement of the class/package as dance studios are generally booked out and so advance booking of the studio would be required and so there will be no refunds at all of the studio rentals even if the course/package is cancelled. Our classes will run during Typhoon 8 too! We may consider cancelling the class and rescheduling it on Typhoon Signal 10 or more!

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